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Who’s the Fairest of them all?

Hello, my loyal blog readers, I am happy that you stop by. The month of May is deemed “Mental Health Awareness” month. As such, I thought it best to focus this article on our reasoning process. In essence, let’s explore the reasons we think the way we do.

Consider the concept of differential association theory. It states an individual is most likely to be influenced by definitions provided by friends and family. If this being true, then our reasoning was derived from our social upbringing. Using the Disney classic – Snow White, as our case analysis, let us take the time out to consider, the wicked witch’s mindset. We always saw her as the villain, have we ever stopped to think why she acted this way towards Snow White? Why did she feel the need to be the “fairest of them all” ? Well… obviously not, we were all like 8 years old …LOL

We all can genuinely admit, to having a wicked witch in us. Let’s face it, some of us are true haters, the urban dictionary says it nicely “A person that simply cannot be happy for another person's success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person.”

So, you can be a seasonal or a habitual “hater”; either way, there is hope for recovery. The first step to recovery is to recognize that we all can shine. Another person’s light does not dim yours. Referring to the Snow-White story ,the wicked witch was a bitter and lonely person. Her only friend was a talking mirror ! Hating on others is like drinking poison; eventually it kills your own light.

The second step is to purposely take stock of the mental thoughts that come across ones’ mind. I get it, life is not easy; some of us have been through a lot. It is so very easy to stay in that place of hurt. At times, the hurt becomes the new normal. I beg you, to take the time out to unpack your emotions. Christine Langley Obaugh states” we repeat what we don’t repair”. Trust me when I say, that I have experienced the pain from my great – great grandmother’s trauma. Why you may ask? All because, she did not deal with her pain. As a result, she repeated the hurt inflicted from her mother to her eldest daughter. Her daughter ( my grandmother) then indirectly did the same to her daughter, my mother, and now my mother has done the same to me.

This is where it stops!

Because unlike the matriarchs that have gone before me, I am going to deal with my emotional trauma. To prevent me from hurting my children.

In closing, let’s consider positive affirmations to counteract the negativity:

a) I got this; it will work out

b) Things are tough right now, luckily, I got some w40!

c) I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthen me- Phill 4:13

Remember, it is not “who is the fairest of them all”? . It is – “ I am going to overcome it all

Additional Resources:

Daily Affirmations:

Text HOME to 741741 to connect with a Crisis Counselor

NAMI Helpline- 1-800-850-NAMI

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Hello, my loyal blog readers. Hope you enjoyed my last article- The Common Denominator.

This week’s article runs along the same lines of self-reflection and motivation.

Okay, let’s get in to it!

(in my Tami Roman’s voice)

So, I confess, if you call me on a Saturday night….I am probably unreachable. Why? It’s not because I am out on the town. I am most likely on my couch, with the remote in hand, and in a robed attire.

On one of these auspicious nights, I came across a Sci fi movie called “ Archive”. The plot tells of a scientist – Theo James; who is haunted by the death of his wife. He moved into a state-of-the-art tech facility, where he built two robots; one of which he used to upload his wife’s memories. But he was unsuccessful in his repeated attempts . It seems that whenever he tried to download the data, the AI ( artificial intelligence) of his wife would experience pain.

A series of thriller events occurred in the movie which forced him to shut down the facility; ultimately killing his wife’s memories. The plot twist came at the end when the viewer finds out that the scientist is the one dead: not his wife.

Spooky huh?

This movie caused me to consider the topic of Perspective. The way we see the world, colors our perspective in life. Of all the self-help books one can read, they all point to changing or challenging one’s mind to a new perspective.

This week I challenge myself, and fellow readers to look at our current perspective in life.

Be it in the area of relationships, finances, politics or professional career. What perspective have you held onto that may need to be changed?

As the cartoon above depicts, where one stands in life determines one’s outlook. Let us make a conscious decision to be positive and open minded!

Let me know your thoughts and comments below!

See you next time………

Edited by D.H Bonner

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