How you guys have been? Being cooped up in the apartment or house has really set a toll on our mental health and the uncertainty of life is wreaking havoc on our nerves. We have all this time on our hands now and it seems to be driving many of us crazy!

So, in light of present conditions, I decided to use this month’s blog to talk about ways to utilize our time –or more so, this lock down.

First, I want to acknowledge all those who may have lost a loved one or know of someone who has. I pray for your comfort during this time, and for those ready to start the grief recovery process, the following support groups might be helpful:

Second, please follow the “Stay at Home” warnings. Remember that some individuals are asymptomatic; therefore, the mandate on social distancing is the best way to “flatten" the curve and reduce the number of cases... or deaths.

For all my overachieving and Type-A personality readers, this Instagram meme is for you.

I fully agree with the meme because it’s funny and practical. Do not beat yourself up if you are being a “couch potato” right now. Give your mind a “Kit Kat” break.

The Center for Disease and Control posted up a few coping stress recommendations:

§ Take breaks from watching, reading or listening to news stories, including social media. Hearing about the pandemic, repeatedly can be upsetting.

§ Take deep breaths. stretch. My Dad had morning ritual in which he stretches. I recently started adopting the practice. I notice my muscles were more relaxed.

§ Try to eat healthy, well balance meals (operative word is “trying”).

§ Exercise regularly (CDC recommendations, I think my doctor must write this on a prescription pad for me …LOL).

§ Get plenty of sleep – okay I got that covered.

§ Avoid alcohol and drugs.

§ Make time to unwind. For me, I downloaded the Disney app and revisited all my childhood cartoons. Hakuna Matata anyone?

Consider connecting with loved ones – telephone, email, mailing letters or cards, text message or video chat.

All in all, do what you need to do to stay sane, folks!

Be safe and let me know your COVID-19 routine in the comments below.

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